Terms and Conditions (GTC)

1. Scope


StyleLounge GmbH, Große Reichenstraße 27, 20457 Hamburg, (hereinafter referred to as "StyleLounge") that operates under the URL www.stylelounge.se is a meta fashion portal which provides the user with a price comparison and availability check for clothing, footwear, accessories and related lifestyle products.


StyleLounge provides users on its website product information supplied by the partner companies (hereafter "partners"). StyleLounge and its partners operate their respective websites independently at all times, so StyleLounge is not responsible for the sale of products.


These terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Conditions") are related to the site www.stylelounge.se and all its domains. These conditions can be stored on a disk or memory and can also be printed. These terms and conditions can also be requested at StyleLounge via email.


These terms and conditions determine the principles for the use of the websites and also apply in the event of use or partial use of other websites that provide access to StyleLounge in full or in part. Any application of terms and conditions by the user is hereby strictly prohibited. Any terms and conditions of users shall only apply if StyleLounge has explicitly agreed to it in writing.

2. Benefits and Services


StyleLounge is not a marketplace, but only an aggregator of third-party offers that are structured to be provided to the users.


The offers presented by the partners are not offers from StyleLounge. The terms between the user and StyleLounge govern the use of the service by the user and do not constitute any terms and conditions in relation to the offers. Agreements for the purchase of the products or services displayed in the offers are entirely between the user and the partner.


The users can access the StyleLounge website for free. However, there exists a contract between the sellers of the product and StyleLounge for offering and aggregating their relevant goods and services.


StyleLounge is not responsible for the websites of its partners or any third party websites which may be referred to in the offers. StyleLounge has no influence on the design or content of the linked pages and their subpages.


If a user expresses an interest in an offer via the site, the user is redirected to the website of the partner submitting that offer. Before an agreement between a user and a partner is concluded, the user is required to verify with the partner all relevant information previously provided by the partner to the site, including information about the sales price at the point of sale.


StyleLounge strives to ensure that the prices stated in the offers displayed on the site are as up-to-date as possible and that the prices on the site are updated frequently. powever, please note that the prices are determined by the partners and may have changed since the most recent update of the site. In the event of a conflict between the price set out in an offer and the price on a partner's website, the actual price of the product or service displayed on the partner's website at the time of the user's proposed purchase will be definitive.


For technical reasons, it is not possible to update the prices in real time. In exceptional cases, it may happen that the products or services displayed in an offer cannot be purchased at the price stated on the Site or the product or service may no longer be available wholly or in a particular variation (including size and colour).


StyleLounge reserves the right to change all or parts of the offers as they appear on the site and to add, delete or cease publication of them temporarily or permanently without prior notice.


Search Policy: For a complete result list, we search the product names and descriptions of several million offers from several hundred partners. In this search we include the brand names, product names, product properties and product categorization. Multi-word search queries may cause results to appear where the terms in the proposal do not appear to be contiguous. Among other things, search queries for certain branded articles in connection with generic terms can be affected. A search for "brand name jacket" can not only find jackets of the respective brand, but also those that use the brand name in the offer text. This may be the case, for example, if the brand name has a descriptive character, is very brief, and thus is contained in other brand names as a word part, or is an abbreviation. If you have any questions regarding the listing of our search results, or if you find any mistakes or you have a violation of trademark rights, please contact info@stylelounge.se

3. Offers


While StyleLounge endeavours to only display sound offers in terms of content and lawfulness, StyleLounge makes no warranty as to the content, correctness, lawfulness, completeness, quality or suitability of the offers.


StyleLounge does not warrant the nature, extent and quality of products, services or information offered by the sellers, to the direct or indirect, for example, reference is made via so- called "links". This is especially true for price or quality information or the lack of price components or other information that under the legal provisions by the advertiser, i.e. the third party, for example, the dealer or shopping club, are to be made.


While StyleLounge tries to provide the service free of technical errors and faults, it reserves the right to resolve technical problems as and when necessary.


StyleLounge is not responsible for the websites of its partners or any third party websites which may be referred to (including by a link) in the offers. StyleLounge has no influence on the design or content of the linked pages and their subpages.

4. Property Rights


All data, information, search results and text on or generated by the site are protected by copyright under the Copyright Act (Urheberrechtsgesetz). Any use of the offers for business purposes, in particular commercial use, is prohibited.


The copying, distribution and modification of the information in part or in whole is not permitted without the express written consent of StyleLounge. Any unauthorised reproduction, distribution, modification, public access and/or public rendering constitutes a copyright infringement and will be prosecuted under copyright law.


StyleLounge expressly reserves all the rights under its competition law or other laws rights, which protect the logo, the design, the software, the database, or parts of it.


Users should be aware that company names, trademarks, logos and/or product designations listed on the partners’ websites are also protected by law.

5. Privacy


Protecting the user's personal data has the highest priority for StyleLounge. StyleLounge is committed to comply with the statutory provisions on data protection. For further information please refer to the privacy statement.


If personal data is collected, processed and used, it is only through the consent of the user referring that the data is allowed for use.

6. Liability


StyleLounge gives no warranty that the service, the functionality or the community are available or accessible without interruption.


StyleLounge is not liable for technical transmission delays, interruptions, errors, failures of the service, the functionality or the community and the resulting consequences for any user or member, such as loss of data, if the causes are beyond the control of StyleLounge.


StyleLounge is not liable for any unauthorised acquisition of personal details of users, or members by third parties, such as by hackers.


StyleLounge accepts unlimited liability for its own intentional or grossly negligent behaviour.


StyleLounge is liable for slight negligence – except in cases of personal injury or death – only if essential contractual obligations (cardinal obligations) are breached. Cardinal obligations are obligations which are guaranteed in the user relationship by its nature and purpose or whose fulfilment enables the proper execution of the agreement, and for which the user can be expected to comply. The liability of StyleLounge is limited in this case to typical and foreseeable damage.


Any liability for indirect and unforeseeable damage and lost profits is excluded in cases of simple negligence – except in situations of unlimited liability conditions set out in paragraph 6.5 above


StyleLounge has no liability beyond that provided in these terms – regardless of the legal nature of the claim.


The limitations or exclusions of liability in paragraph 6.4, 6.5 and 6.6 do not apply to a statutory strict liability or the liability of StyleLounge from a contractually assumed warranty depending on fault.


Where StyleLounge's liability is excluded or limited, such exclusion or limitation of liability also applies to the personal liability of its officers, employees, officers, representatives and agents.

7. Changes


StyleLounge reserves the right to change the terms at any time. StyleLounge will create a contract that these changes can only apply if the customers are told about the terms.These terms will not be valid if the customers are not notified within a month either via email or text form.

8. Final Provisions


These terms and the legal relationships between the user and StyleLounge are governed by German law, excluding the UN CISG. These terms are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Hamburg (if legally permissible)


If any provision of these terms is or becomes invalid, this does not affect the validity of the other provisions. In this case, the parties shall replace the ineffective clause by a valid clause which most closely reflects the ineffective clause in legal, economic and factual issues.


These terms of use can be accessed under the URL www.stylelounge.se/Allmänna-villkor (Privacy Information under www.stylelounge.se/Integritetspolicy). Old versions will not be stored.